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“Do you have time for tea?”

This was the question that was posed to me when I walked into a Chinese Tea shop for the first time.  I was in Hong Kong, in a shopping centre, when I walked into a teashop to take a look at what the shop has to offer.  I was caught off guard by the question.  I had expected the usual politeness of offered assistance, and this scene remained very vivid to this day.  The teashop owner, also a teamaster, explained that to sample Chinese tea, one need to have time; no rushing off or glancing at watches, for the tea to be appreciated.

That tea sampling session was the start of my enchantment with Chinese tea.  The experience was an introduction to the floral and herbal aroma of tea, the sweet aftertaste and the pleasant sensation from drinking the tea.

It was pu erh tea that captured my imagination.  This is the most famous Chinese tea that gets better with age.  Old pu erh  is more expensive and desired than a newly produced pu erh tea.  In time, I got to explore other teas spending considerable time drinking traditionally processed oolong and pu erh with many tea drinking groups in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Having my online store will enable me to share my tea adventures with you.  The teas and teaware you will see on my store are a result of my tea adventures.  Some of the tea may be unusual, unheard of, hard to find and even be an eye opener for you.  I hope you will, through this tea, experience a moment of bliss, and find an adventure in every cup.

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