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August 23, 2018
2007 Jing Mei Tang ‘Lan Tie’ Raw Pu erh Cake
October 3, 2018
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2003 CNNP 7542 Raw Pu erh Cake – Hong Kong Storage


This is the 2003 CNNP 7542 pu erh cake.  This famous tea recipe developed by Menghai tea factory (aka Dayi).  Many tea factories in China could produce their own versions of this blend but the use of ‘7542’ was only exclusively used by Dayi after 2006.

This tea cake had been stored in Hong Kong for  15 years.  The storage of this cake is very clean and was stored in a warehouse for tea storage.  I would consider this 7542 as dry stored.  The ‘Hong Kong’ storage aroma if any is extremely faint and will fully dissipate by the 2nd infusion,  This tea is very mellow and taste much older than its age of 15 years.  This tea is viscous and is mouthwatering.  Impressive finish.  A very good work horse giving the tea drinker more than a dozen  good infusions in one sitting.  Smooth, sweet and mellow.   Last pix shows the tea in its 2nd infusion (I use 7g in a 130ml teapot,  5-6 second infusion).

One tea cake per unit order.