2013 Tung Ting Teashop BingDao Raw Pu erh Cake
May 24, 2022
2005 Xiaguan Tuo Raw Pu erh Tuo 125g Gold Edition
June 14, 2022
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2003 Langhe Raw Pu erh 100g Tuo


This almost 20 year old raw pu erh tuo is a treat. This tea after 20 years of storage is very strong for its age,  Normally, old pu erh tend to show mellowness and age in the tea.  Yes, this tea has some mellowness but I am even more impressed with the strength of the tea.  You will feel good heat or energy of the tea after a few infusions. Some sweatiness and slight intoxication for a few minutes.  A fun  tea and a rare find.  This tea had been stored in Singapore for more than 15 years.

One 100g tuo with every unit order.