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2003 Pink Dayi Raw Pu erh


This is the pink Dayi (Taetea) raw pu erh.  I was told that this was a special order made in 2003 for a Taiwanese customer.  The tea was produced but not wrapped with the Dayi tea factory wrapper.  The neifei, or inner label, called this tea ‘Yun Mei” and came stamped with a pink colored Dayi logo.  This tea was later ‘wrapped’ by the Taiwanese customer themselves.

I am happy to acquire some of this 2003 Pink Dayi which had been stored in Malaysia for many years.  I find this tea to be one of the strongest raw pu erh I have encountered.  This tea is smooth, mellow and sweet but the strength of this tea is the main highlight.  You will experience very strong chi from this tea from the 3rd infusion with sweaty and intoxicating sensations that will last for a couple of minutes.  This tea is a very good example of a vintage well stored Dayi tea that will make you understand and appreciate why old Dayi teas are much sought after by Chinese tea drinkers and collectors.

50g pack per unit order.

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