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June 1, 2019
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June 1, 2019
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2004 Changtai Raw Pu erh Brick 250g


This is a 15 year old raw pu erh tea brick produced by Changtai tea factory.  Made from Menghai material, this tea will please the Chinese tea drinker with an aged taste that is accompanied by a good ‘chi’ or heat in your body when you are savouring the tea.  Strong aroma with the signature Menghai sweet aftertaste.  Good intensity and the tea is easily good for a dozen strong infusions.

I had obtained this tea from a Chinese collector in Guangzhou.  The tea is very clean and well stored over these 15 years.  Old Changtai are highly appreciated by seasoned Chinese tea drinkers in this part of the world.

One unit order comprised of 1 tea brick 250g.

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