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June 17, 2019
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January 31, 2020
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2004 Nan Qiao Tea Factory Raw Pu erh


This is a 2004 Nan Qiao tea factory raw pu erh tea.  This 357g cake is the ‘Che’ series.  This 15 year old tea has been stored in a very clean and dry storage tea warehouse.  As a result, this tea had aged nicely  There is a  complex aroma and flavour of wood, spices, roasted nuts and dry herbs with a faint sweetness in the aftertaste.  Good mouthwatering sensation.  Makes a dozen strong infusions in a tea session.    The storage is good.  You can also consider storing it for just another 5 years and you will have a 20 year pu erh cake in your collection.

One tea cake, 357g per unit order.

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