2006 Fuhai 7536 raw pu erh cake
May 20, 2020
2004 Six Famous Mountains Silver Bud Tuo
May 18, 2021
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2004 Six Famous Mountain Raw Pu erh


This 17 year old cake will please the serious pu erh drinker. Well stored for 17 years in Singapore, you will be able to appreciate the taste and aroma of an old well stored pu erh.  Produced in 2004 by 6 famous mountain tea factory, this 357g cake has been stored in Singapore for almost 17 years.

Smooth, mellow and sweet.  Herbal, spicy, Chinese medicinal and dried floral notes with an ever so slightly whiff of smoke.   There is good complications in both taste and aroma that can only be achieved through long storage. The aftertaste is long and memorable.  Quietly intoxicating.  Pu erh tea drinkers would be able to understand why pu erh tea stored in South East Asia are highly sought after even from tea drinkers from China.

A special occasion tea.

One cake, 357g with every unit order.

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