2004 Six Famous Mountain Raw Pu erh
April 4, 2021
2004 Feng Huang Raw Pu erh Cake
June 7, 2021
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2004 Six Famous Mountains Silver Bud Tuo


This 17 year old tuo is a 6 Famous Mountain production.  This is a 2004 vintage and is 100g in weight.  This raw pu erh tuo is composed of silver buds.  ‘Silver buds’ is a term used by the pu erh industry to describe the use of very young pu erh leaves in the production of pu erh tea.   It would also suggest that the harvesting of these silver buds would be slightly more labour intensive, which in turn would explain for the slightly higher prices of ‘silver bud’ pu erh tea.

I am no expert in silver bud pu erh tea. This tuo’s taste and aroma has a unique dried sweet berry taste and aroma with  light notes of freshly baked pastries.  Long and sweet aftertaste.  Quite addictive in that I finished the entire tuo in about a month.

This tea has beed stored in Singapore for about 17 years.  Storage is clean and dry.  One 100g tuo per unit order.