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February 9, 2017
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March 8, 2017
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2004 Xiaguan Iron Cake Raw Pu erh


Xiaguan Tea Factory signature pu erh product is its iron cake.  The iron cake is produced using machines (I was told it was Russian technology in the late 90s) that compressed pu erh tea into a disk shape cakes.  These cakes have a unique shape it that one side of the cake has tiny spikes while the other side of the cake is a smooth surface.  This iron cake is a hall mark of Xiaguan tea factory and such cakes continues to be produced to this very day.

This is a 2004 iron cake and purchasing this cake will allow you to own a 14 year old cake that had been stored in a hot and humid climate of Singapore.  Storage is clean.  You are not only buying an old cake but also buying the storage and in a way time (14 years) of aged tea.

Compression of this cake is very high,  I suggest to use to plier to pry open your tea cake into small chunks rather than using a tea pick to prevent having too much tea dust.

Brewing this tea will be a special treat.  The age of the tea is evident with good herbal, hay and honey aroma with a faint sweet aftertaste.  This tea brews strong, easily brewing up a dozen slightly intoxicating infusions.  It is better you eat something before you buckle up for a session of this Xiaguan iron cake.

1 whole cake (approx 357g) per unit order.