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March 14, 2018
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2004 Xiaguan Raw Pu erh Tuo – “Old Smokey”


I like smoky raw pu erh tea. Yes, a few reader friends dislike the smoke and a few do think it is like having a cigarette after a tea session. I think the smokiness adds an additional dimension to raw pu erh. This is especially seen in older raw pu erh (10 years or more) where the smokiness recede over time leaving a faint smoky scent. I like old raw with this faint smoke. I feel such tea gives a more punchy taste and feel and makes a tea session more enjoyable. Interestingly, most vintage tea cakes (20 years or more) do have that faint smoky signature and these old vintages are today very highly sought after and highly prized as well.

I named this 2004 tea ‘Old Smoky’….it is 14 years old and the smoke is strong in the tea. The tea is smooth and the smoke is strong especially in the 1st 4 infusions. I found the smokiness had made this tea slightly ‘ginger spicy’ in the aroma. Interestingly, the tea has a very light hint of fruity sweetness in the later infusions.

This 2004 raw pu erh tuo is produced by Xiaguan tea factory.  This 100g tuo is paper wrapped by Xiaguan factory themselves.  One tuo per unit order.

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