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June 12, 2016
2008 Pu Xin Hao Raw Pu erh 357g
August 17, 2016
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2004 ‘Zhou Ji’ Raw Pu erh Tuo


This 100g raw pu erh tuo is a ‘Zhou Ji’ production.  Zhou Ji, a teamaster, is considered very experienced in his knowledge of pu erh tea and is highly regarded by the Chinese tea drinking community.  He had produced a series of pu erh in the early 2000s under his own labels and this 2004 tuo is one of his production.

Already 12 years old, this raw pu erh is exhibiting a good aged profile in both taste and aroma.  You can start brewing this tuo now and enjoy the smoothness and aromatic character of a older pu erh.  This tea easily makes more than 10-12 good infusions.  Be prepared to be a little tea drunk after a session of this tea.

This tea was purchased in Guangzhou and had been stored in Singapore for 2 years.

One tuo is 100g and comes in its own box.  One tuo per unit order.

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