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June 26, 2018
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July 24, 2018
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2005 Chang Tai Bulang 400g cake – Malaysian Storage


This 2005 Chang Tai raw pu erh cake is composed of Bulang material.  These cakes had been stored in Malaysia for  more than 12 years and there is a nice age in the tea as evident by the smooth taste and mouthfeel.

This ‘upsized’ cake weighs 400g.  This tea brews strong with bold herbal, dried floral and woody aromas in the initial infusions followed by a rosewater sweet aftertaste from the 6th infusion.  There is a nice salivating sensation when I had a session of this tea.

Purchasing this tea will allow you to appreciate why old pu erh tea well stored and aged in Malaysia are highly sought after by pu erh tea drinkers all over the world.   One 400g cake per unit order.

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