2008 Taetea Dayi 7542 (801) Raw Pu erh Tea
September 22, 2017
2007 Malaysia Pu erh Society Pu erh Tea Cake
September 22, 2017
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2005 Taetea (Dayi) Raw Pu erh Tuo


This is the 2005 Taetea (Dayi) raw pu erh tuo.  This hard to find Dayi 100g tuo is already 13 years old.  When you sip this tea, you will immediately understand why pu erh tea drinkers go ‘gaga’ over this Dayi tea.  This tea scores highly in terms of being very smooth, mellow and sweet.  The aftertaste and chi of the tea is very pleasant.  This tea makes 10 strong infusions easily from a tea session of this tea.  Purchased from Malaysia’s authorised Taetea dealer, this tea had being well kept in storage in the hot and humid climate of Malaysia.


One 100g tuo with every unit order.