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April 19, 2019
2004 Changtai Raw Pu erh Brick 250g
June 1, 2019
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2006 CNNP Raw Pu erh Tuo 250g


This is a 2006 CNNP raw pu erh tuo.  This tuo is ‘hard to find’ as CNNP tea factory mainly sells their pu erh tea in cake and brick shapes and a very small quantity of pu er are compressed into tuo shape tea cakes. This tea had been stored in Singapore for more than 12 years.  You will get to taste and appreciate the storage of this tea.  The hot and humid weather of Singapore had aged the tea well.  There is a mild intoxicating energy from the tea with a subtle sweet aftertaste.  You will appreciate the storage and will understand why pu erh tea stored in this this part of the world are now highly sought after by tea drinkers from China.

One 250g tuo per unit order.