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July 3, 2017
2009 Bangwei Pu erh – 6 Famous Mountain Tea Industry Production
August 4, 2017
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2006 De He Xing Raw Pu erh


De He Xing is a well known teamaster and had produced a pair of pu erh cakes in 2006.  The raw version is a green wrapper version while the ripe a red wrapper version.   An information leaflet enclosed with the cake indicated that the puerh was harvested from the Bulang region and wild Bulang trees were specially sourced for the production of this cake.  Mr De had also had this pu erh certified ‘organic’ which implied that this tea had met the requirements of an ‘organic’ label.

This tea is strong and vivid.  Good strong aroma and taste.  Hint of spiciness with and a much delayed sweet aftertaste.  This tea has been stored by me in Singapore for more than 6 years.  The storage of this tea in hot and humid Singapore had made this 11 year old tea a very strong but smooth tea.  Good salivation.  Fun to drink and addictive.

One tea cake, 357g per unit order.