Lin Ceramics Purion Teacups – Single and Triple-Fired Pair
April 5, 2018
2007 Li Ming Ba Jiao Ting Raw Pu erh Cake
May 10, 2018
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2006 Fu Hai 7536 Raw Pu erh Cake


This 2006 Fu Hai tea factory 7536 raw pu erh is  Fu Hai’s interpretation of the famous 7542 recipe.  Composed of tea leaves harvested from the Menghai region, this 13 year old cake has been stored in Singapore for more than 10 years.   Very clean storage.

The hot and humid climate of Singapore had aged this cake well.  The tea brews up rich and aromatic.  The dark amber colour complements the nice bouquet of flavours in the tea.  I enjoy the prolonged salivating effect and the warm sweaty sensations every time I have a tea session of this pu erh.

One 357g tea cake per every unit order.