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January 7, 2018
2008 Taetea Dayi Qiu Xiang Raw Pu erh Cake
February 7, 2018
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2006 Guoyan Banzhang Pu erh Cake – Malaysian stored


From Guoyan tea factory, this 357g Banzhang tea cake had been stored in Malaysia for almost 12 years.  The hot and humid climate had aged the tea well.  Compared to new Banzhang which is difficult to drink as it is new, bitter and astringent, this Malaysian stored tea has become mellow and smooth.  The color of the tea in the 3rd pix is only first rinse of the tea.  This tea is very strong and aromatic in the first 6-8 infusions before the characteristic Banzhang sweetness starts to creep in later infusions,  My Banzhang friends called this as ‘sweet water’.    You will appreciate the famous Malaysian storage had aged the Banzhang teas.   Make sure to belt up for an intoxicating tea adventure.

One tea cake per order.

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