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March 8, 2017
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March 16, 2017
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2006 Langhe 9579 Ripe Pu erh Cake


This ripe cake is made by Langhe Tea factory.  This tea is labelled as 9579.  Most pu erh teas were often given a 4 digit number as a description of the tea and tea buyers or collectors looking for such teas will asked for a particular tea by the year and the number given to the tea.  This 12 year old tea is extremely aromatic and will please the ripe tea drinker.  This tea scores highly in terms of  smoothness, sweetness and mellowness.  A calming tea for the evening. This tea is from my personal collection and I had stored this tea for more than 8 years in Singapore.

One cake, 357g with every unit order.