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May 24, 2022
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2005 Xiaguan Tuo Raw Pu erh Tuo 125g Gold Edition


This tuo is a special edition production in 2005. It comes in a special size 125g. This tuo is only found in a gold box presentation gift box that contains 2 of these tuos.

This tuo is very strong and aromatic. This, to me, is a traditional made Xiaguan pu erh. Such tea, if new cannot be drank immediately. It is harsh and unpleasant ( too strong) when new and have to be stored for many years before it is ready to drink.

With almost 17 years of Malaysian storage in its belt, this tea is now ready to drink. Yes, this tea is still very strong. Bitter herbs, strong woody and medicinal taste.  Some smoke. This tea is prefect after a long day of work.  Strong chi and it is important you do not drink on an empty stomach.

Such tea are now hard to find.

Due to limited stocks, only one tuo 125g per order. Presentation box not included.

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