2004 Changtai Raw Pu erh Brick 250g
June 1, 2019
2012 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Shen Shan Lao Shu Raw Pu erh
January 31, 2020
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2007 Jing Mei Tang Yi Wei Ripe Pu erh Tea Cake


This is the 2007 Jing Mei Tang ripe tea cake.  This 357g cake has been stored in Malaysia for more than 11 years.

This tea has a strong herbal aroma that will please the serious ripe tea drinker.  The strong herbal and almost medicinal aroma is very impressive.   I recommend that you brew on the stronger side, by adding an extra gram or two to your brewing parameters when you have a session of this tea.  Sweet, mellow and smooth. A good work horse tea that will brew up a dozen strong infusions in one session.

One 357g cake per unit order.