2006 Fu Hai 7536 Raw Pu erh Cake
April 25, 2018
2008 Haiwan 8808 Raw Pu erh Cake
June 2, 2018
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2007 Li Ming Ba Jiao Ting Raw Pu erh Cake


This 2007 Li Ming Ba Jiao Ting cake has been stored in Singapore for more than 10 years.  You will have noticed from the pix that there are significant tea stains on the wrapper of the tea cake.  These tea stains are dry and does not affect the tea in any way.  I had consulted tea dealers at the biggest tea wholesale market in Fangchun, China and they were of the view that these tea stains were from the tea leaves.  They believed that prior to the harvest of the pu erh tea leaves, there could be a very cold or hot period that cause the pu erh tree to accumulate more tea oil in the tea leaves.  These tea leaves would have stained the tea wrappers when stored over time.

This tea is very clean and when brewed, has a pronounced medicinal herbal taste.  I got a nice warm sensation after the tea session that lasted for a few good minutes.

One tea cake, 357g, per unit order.