2008 Taetea Dayi 7542 (801) Raw Pu erh Tea
September 22, 2017
2005 Feng Huang Dan Cong
October 11, 2017
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2007 Malaysia Pu erh Society Pu erh Tea Cake


This is a raw pu erh cake to celebrate the Malaysia pu erh society 1st visit to Yunnan.  Members of this club made their 1st visit to Yunnan and had the opportunity to visit tea factories and observe the processing of pu erh tea.  This trip was led by a Taiwanese tea master, Wang Chuan Fang,  The members decided to press a lot of pu erh tea and selected tea harvested from laoshu (old trees) from the famous Menghai region.   This tea makes a very strong brew and is suited for pu erh tea drinkers who like their tea strong.  This tea has a bitter, sweet and herbal complication in the tea and will brew up 12 strong infusions easily.  This tea is mellow as it had been stored in Malaysia for about 10 years.  Wickedly addictive.

One 357g tea cake with every unit order.