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October 3, 2018
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January 14, 2019
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2007 Xiaguan Iron Cake T8653 Malaysian Storage


This is the 2007 T8653 Xiaguan Iron cake.  This raw pu erh had been compressed in a disc shape cake and this iron cake is one of the cornerstones of the pu erh industry.  I was told that Russian love their pu erh tea and when they introduced the iron cake compression machines to Xiaguan tea factory.

This cake had been stored in Malaysia and this storage had been clean and dry for more than 11 years.  My Malaysian Xiaguan collector friends felt that this particular 2007 vintage is unique as they felt that the tea had aged very well in Malaysia.  The taste and aroma is pronounced with good ‘chi’ (intoxicating sensations0) from drinking the tea.  This tea is a little hard to find in Malaysia now.

One iron cake 357g, with every unit order.

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