2007 Li Ming Ba Jiao Ting Raw Pu erh Cake
May 10, 2018
2008 Lincang Raw Pu erh Brick
June 26, 2018
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2008 Haiwan 8808 Raw Pu erh Cake


This Haiwan 8808 raw pu erh tea cake was specially produced for the Kunming tea markets.  I was in Kunming in 2009 when I purchased this tea.  I had kept this tea for more than 10 years in Singapore.  The hot and humid climate had aged this tea well.

This tea is a workhorse easily brewing up 10 strong infusions from a tea session.  The tea in teacup shows the 4th infusion.  The colour is dark amber.  Strong ‘old wood’ and herbal taste and aroma makes this tea an easy and smooth tea to drink.

One tea cake, 357g per unit order.