Lin Ceramics Purion Teacups – Single and Triple-Fired Pair
April 5, 2018
2011 Haiwan Laotongzhi Ziyun Raw Puerh Brick
August 23, 2018
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2008 Lincang Raw Pu erh Brick


This is a 2008 raw pu erh tea brick produced by Yunnan Lincang Shi Yong De Xian Yun Yuan Cha Chang.  The lesser known and long sounding tea factory in located in Lin cang region.

This 250g brick had been stored for 11 years in hot and humid Singapore.  The clean dry storage had aged this tea well . When I brew this tea, I was pleasantly surprised with the minty and hints of camphor notes in the tea.  The tea is smooth with good salivating aftertaste.  I believed the camphor aspect in the tea will be amplified with further aging of the tea.

One 250g brick per unit order.

One 250g tea brick with every unit order.