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September 3, 2017
2007 Malaysia Pu erh Society Pu erh Tea Cake
September 22, 2017
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2008 Taetea Dayi 7542 (801) Raw Pu erh Tea


This is the famous Taetea (Dayi) pu erh tea.  It is named as 7542.  Every pu erh tea collector and drinker would know this tea and older versions of this tea are extraordinarily expensive.  I had purchased this tea from the official distributor of Taetea, Malaysia and this  10 year old tea had been stored in hot and humid climate of Malaysia.  The 801 number meant that this is the 1st pressing of 7542 for the year 2008.  1st pressing are very sought after by pu erh tea collectors and drinkers as the tea is perceived to be the 1st edition (like 1st printings) of the tea.  This tea has aged well and the taste and aroma will please the pu erh tea drinker.  Nice and mellow sweet aftertaste.

I had purchased this tea directly myself from Malaysia’s Dayi tea distributor.

One 357g cake per unit order.

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