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September 3, 2017
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2008 Taetea Dayi Qiu Xiang Raw Pu erh Cake


This Taetea (aka Dayi) special edition tea cake is unusual in that this cake is upsized.  This 10 year old  cake is a massive 500g cake and is sure to please the pu erh tea drinker for a long time.  This tea had been stored in hot and humid Malaysia for almost 10 years and  was originally packed 5 cakes in a tong.

This tea has aged nicely and I could detect a faint bouquet of Chinese herbs in the tea.  This tea has a nice floral character and has a pleasant sweet after taste.  I could feel the energy (chi) of the tea by the 3rd infusion.  A strong tea.   I recommend this cake to the collector who wants to enjoy a good 10 year Malaysian stored pu erh to drink.  You will easily understand from brewing this tea, why tea drinkers enjoy drinking older Dayi teas.

One 500g cake per unit order.

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