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June 17, 2019
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2008 Yiwu – Malaysia Tung Ting Tea Shop 20th anniversary cake


Tung Ting teashop which is located in Malaysia, celebrated their 20th anniversary in operations in 2008.  The owner, Mr Hiew decided to celebrate this milestone event with a special order Yiwu tea cake.

In addition, Mr Hiew rounded up his Chinese calligraphy friends, 7 of them and got them to design/write something about tea on the wrapper of the tea cake.  These friends, I was told were quite famous in the Malaysian calligraphy arena.  I do not know much about Chinese calligraphy so I am lost at this juncture.

This tea is produced by Che Soon Hao tea factory, an old but very well respected tea company.  More importantly, this 357g tea cake is composed of Yiwu material and has been stored and aged in Malaysia for  more than 10 years.  This tea has aged well and the tea is now very smooth and mellow.  I  enjoy the ‘not too subtle’ chi in the tea and I started to ‘sweat’ from the 3rd infusion.  There is a pleasant sweet rewarding signature Yiwu aftertaste in the tea. There is very good complexity in the tea that can only be be achieved with time and storage of this tea.

One tea cake 357g,  per order.  Wrapper design enclosed with your tea will be randomly selected.

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