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July 24, 2018
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2011 Haiwan Laotongzhi Ziyun Raw Puerh Brick


This pu erh brick makes me happy every time I have a session of this tea.  This is a special edition puerh produced by Haiwan Tea Factory for a Guangzhou tea dealer in 2011.  This raw pu erh tea is a 250g brick composed of purple leaf pu erh blended with Yiwu pu erh.  This tea when brewed, produces a delightful complication of aroma and flavors.  Initial infusions open with a strong bitter and woody taste and aroma.  Middle infusions open into a floral, dried and fresh fruit aroma.  Faint imaginary hint of salt.  Later infusions becoming sweet, fruity and herbal.  This complication is a wide profile of wood, floral and herb taste and aftertaste.    I could detect fragrant herbs, almost like sweet perfume.   The myriad of  so many flavors make every infusion and every cup an adventure in itself.  Though this is a 8 year old tea, the brews are very mellow and the color of the brew produces a dark amber tone.  A tea session of this tea will yield an easy dozen strong infusions and I would advise you to buckle up when you are drinking this tea.  Addictive.

One 250g brick, packed in a gift box, per tea order.

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