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March 16, 2017
2013 Tung Ting Teashop Pu erh Cake
June 11, 2017
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2011 Taetea 92 Fang Zhuan – Malaysian Storage


This is a special edition production from Taetea (aka Dayi) tea factory.  This 100g tea cake, made in 2011, is a reproduction of the same tea blend of the famous 1992 fan zhuan (square brick).  The 1992 square brick was a highly acclaimed tea that had good tea reviews and became a highly collectible tea for pu erh tea drinkers and collectors around the world.

I had obtained these cakes from a Malaysian tea collector. Buying this cake would allow you to own this special edition Taetea brick and own a Malaysia stored tea at the same time.  Experience the famed Malaysia storage where pu erh tea taste more smooth and aged due the the hot and humid climate there.  This tea brick is very well stored by a Malaysian tea collector for more than 5 years before it became part of my tea collection.  It is very clean and well kept.

One tea brick, 100g in its original taetea factory box with every unit oeder.