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November 29, 2018
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January 14, 2019
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2012 Ma Hei Raw Pu erh Cake


I was literally enthralled when I sampled this tea.  This is the 2012 Ma Hei raw pu erh cake.  Ma Hei is located in the famed yiwu region of Yunnan.  Pu erh tea harvested from Yiwu region are highly sought after and the tea harvested there now are very expensive as well.

When I sampled this tea, it tasted much older than the 2012 date suggested.  This tea has a rare camphor, old book leather and minty aroma in the tea. This tea is unusually strong brewing up more than 15 impressive brews in one sitting. I had to resample this tea to reconfirm the unusual strength of the tea.  This tea is produced by a lesser known Shuang Feng Tea Factory.

Stored in Malaysia for more than 6 years, this tea is very aromatic and mouthwatering.  An old taste.  A rare find.

One 357g cake with very unit order.