2009 Taetea Dayi 7572 (901) Ripe/Shou Pu erh Cake
February 19, 2018
Old Duoteli Liu Bao – Malaysian Storage
March 16, 2018
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2013 Haiwan Qiao Mu Pu erh Cake


This is a special edition raw pu erh cake produced by Haiwan Tea Factory.  Simply named ‘Qiao Mu’, pu erh tea drinkers would know that this term refers to pu erh that is harvested from pu erh trees.  Pu erh tea drinkers and collectors would give a higher premium as they believe that pu erh from tea trees give a better aftertaste and aroma from a tea session.

This tea is smooth and has a nice salivating sensation when you have a session of this tea.  The sweet aftertaste lingers for a few minutes after you drink the tea.  I experienced a nice warm sensation after the tea session.  This tea had been in my collection for about 4 years.

One  357g cake per unit order.