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March 4, 2022
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May 24, 2022
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2013 Tung Ting Teashop BingDao Raw Pu erh Cake


This raw pu erh tea cake was produced in 2013 by Tung Ting Tea Centre, a teashop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The sole proprietor, Mr Hiew Yee Choy, told me that this tea was harvested from the Bingdao region in Yunnan.  He elaborated that the production of this cake was made under the guidance of his teamaster friend from Taiwan – Wang Chuan Fang (I hope I got the name right).  In addition, Mr Hiew had also asked a famous local calligrapher to help decorate the pu erh cake wrapper.

This cake brews strong.  This is evident from the first infusion.  My regular Malaysian tea drinking friends described the tea session as very calming and relaxing.  I found it more intoxicating instead.     These sensations are a result of the ‘chi’ or energy from the tea.  Even though such sensations only last a couple of minutes, such calming/intoxication feelings are  much sought after by pu erh tea drinkers.  Please remember to eat something before you buckle up for a tea session of this pu erh cake.  This tea is now even more complex with almost 10 years of storage.

This tea has been stored in hot and humid South East Asia almost 10 years.  Mr Hiew says that further storage of this tea cake would result in a more aged taste and aroma of the tea.  I had offered this tea in 2019 and it sold out quickly. I had managed to buy out this tea recently and I am happy to make this tea available again.

One 357g  teacake per unit order.  A value proposition for a full sized bingdao cake.