2007 Changtai Ripe Pu Erh Brick 250g
June 11, 2017
2006 Langhe Green Label Raw Pu erh
September 3, 2017
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2013 Xiaguan – Gao Yuan Chen


This 2013 pu erh is a special order made by a Malaysian tea dealer.  Produced by Xiaguan tea factory, the formulation of this tea was given by the dealers for the local pu erh tea market.  This tea has a nice complication of herb, floral and wood hay combination.  This tea is also slightly smokey.  In its sixth year of storage in hot and humid Malaysia, this tea is smooth and already enjoyable for its age.  This tea is already hard to find in the local tea shops in Malaysia and I was told some a few China tea dealers had flown to Malaysia to purchase this tea.

Pu erh tea drinkers and collectors will, upon purchasing this tea cake, have a better insight of the taste preferences of Malaysia pu erh tea drinkers as well as a better understanding of Malaysian storage tea.

One 357g tea cake with every unit order.

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