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April 5, 2018
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April 25, 2018
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2014 Lao Shou Mei Cake


This is a 2014 Fu Ding production of Shou Mei.  This tea cake, as stated in the enclosed note with the tea, is made up of older shou mei material.

This tea brews about 8-10 nice fragrant sweet infusions easily.  White tea drinkers I know, would sometimes boil the last infusion to make the last cup a final strong tea session.

Do not underestimate the strength of this tea.  It sounds and look light and delicate.  I tried 2 tea sessions of this shou mei for 2 evenings and I was wide awake past midnight. This tea is good to have when you have long assignments or homework and it will help you though your workload.  I also like this tea chilled,; by placing the brewed tea in a bottle and refrigerating the tea overnight.  Use 90 degree celcius water for brewing this tea (or wait 1-2 minutes after you had boiled your water)

I had stored this tea for more than 2 years in Singapore.

Nice and sweet, shou mei tea is enjoyed by many tea drinkers in China.   I also noticed many high end Hong Kong restaurants offering shou mei in the tea menu.

One tea cake (357g) per unit order.

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