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June 26, 2018
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August 23, 2018
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2016 Ban Pen Raw Pu erh


This pu erh cake is produced by a new lesser known tea factory call Fu An Long.  This 2016 cake is composed of Ban Pen Gu Shu.

I was impressed with this tea when I was sampling this cake in Guangzhou last year.  This tea is aromatic when brewed.  Very good strength with a complicated bouquet of woody and floral notes in the taste.

This tea is very calming after a tea session and this raw puerh literally made me very sleepy.  There are many effects raw pu erh has on a tea drinker like slight intoxication, high state of alertness and even being more perky.  This tea, however made me very relaxed and I had difficulty keeping my eyes open for some time after the tea session.  This tea is very smooth and mouth watering and will easily brew up 12 good infusions.

One 200g cake per unit order.

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