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March 14, 2018
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Old Duoteli Liu Bao – Malaysian Storage


This Liu Bao tea is manufactured by Wuzhou Tea Import & Export Corporation, Guangxi China.  This tea factory is famed for their Liu Bao tea.  This tea is sold under their ‘Duoteli’ brand.  This tea were produced and sold large 30-50 kg baskets and exported mainly to Hong Kong and South East Asia during the 80s to the present day.  This early 2000s tea had been kept in Malaysia for more than 15 years.  Liu Bao tea stored in Malaysia are highly sought after by tea collectors and drinkers for the aged and mellow taste as a result of storage in hot and humid climate of Malaysia.

This tea brews 12-15 tasty infusions easily.  Good herbal, woody and medicinal complications in taste and aroma.  There is a nice warming and comforting sensation after a session of this tea.

50g of tea per unit order.

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