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Early 90’s Vive Liu Bao


You will be turning back the clock when you brew this early ’90s Malaysia stored Liu Bao tea.  Old Liu Bao tea stored in Malaysia are highly sought by tea drinkers around the world.  The hot and humid Malaysian climate had allowed this Liu Bao tea to naturally age for about 25 years.

This Liu Bao is produced by Vive, a brand under Wuzhou Tea Factory in Guangxi; who many liu bao drinkers and collectors regard as one of the best factory for Liu Bao tea.  Liu Bao tea stored, under ideal hot and humid conditions , for decades are most sought after by the tea connoisseurs around the world.

Buckle up for an extended tea session where you can get, easily, 15 excellent infusions of this tea.  Experience the extraordinary mellowness and the ‘perfumed’ aroma of the tea in every cup.

Use about 7g for a 150ml teapot or 10g for a 200ml teapot  Brew with boiling water.

Weight: 50g per unit order

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