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Factory No1 Teapot


This is a Yixing teapot made by the famous Yixing Factory No 1 in the late 80s.  These factories were authorized by the Chinese government to produce and export clay products for sale and even for export during the 1960s through 90s.  These teapots are highly sought by Chinese teapot collectors as these teapots represent a period in Chinese history as well as the quality of clay used by these factories.  Many collectors believe that the clay are very high quality and some of these teapots were made by  ‘present teapot masters’ who had started their careers making these teapots during that time.

This teapot is unusual in that, instead of having a standard Chinese seal markings under the teapot, there is a Chinese phrase ‘an old man lives in the mountain’.

This teapot is unused and the original factory box will be included in your purchase.  60ml.  Multi hole.

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