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May 6, 2016
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Fang Yuan Pai Tea Caddy


This tea caddy is made in the late 80s.  This caddy is made in China and produced by the famous Yixing factories.  ‘Fang Yuan Pai’ (aka square circle brand) teaware is significant  in a Chinese teapot collection.  When collectors talk about tea ware made or produced in the China communist era, most collectors would talk about this ‘Fang Yuan Pai’ brand.  This brand of tea ware was authorized for production by the Chinese government, where actual factories were allowed to make clay products including tea ware, and even exporting these items overseas.    However, as these tea ware was inexpensive and was bought for daily use in the homes in the 80s, not many people actually collected these tea ware as a hobby then.  Today, tea ware made during these period are much sought after by tea ware collectors around the world.

This tea caddy is 3.5 inches high (9cm) and has a width of about 3 inches (7,5cm).  You will notice from the pictures (6 pix) that this tea caddy has a ‘bat perched on a peach’ design.  These are auspicious Chinese symbols as the bat (called fu in Chinese) represents luck while the peach represents longevity.  The inside of this tea caddy is porcelain while the exterior of the tea caddy is clay.  There is no chop markings at the bottom of the caddy with only the numeric ’24’ chopped  which may just a production number.  Overall, a very detailed piece and this tea caddy will be a collectible and significant addition in your tea ware collection.  This authentic tea caddy is unused and I have kept these tea caddies wrapped in paper for a few years. This tea caddy comes with the factory sticker ‘Fang Yuan Pai’.

1 tea caddy per unit order.

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