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Hong Kong Cheung Hing Teashop Da Hong Pao


This premium Da Hong Pao is from the famous Cheung Heng Teashop in Hong Kong.  This teashop has been in business for more than 80 years and their tea has a loyal following by traditional Chinese tea drinkers all over the world.

This Da Hong Pao is harvested from the famed Fujian Wuyi mountain.  This old tea is very high roasted.  It is an acquired taste.  If you are familiar with Da Hong Pao that is light roasted and floral, this Hong Kong tea is totally different.  The very high roast tea  is mellow yet strong.  You sip this tea, holding the tea in your mouth, then try to breathe in through your mouth before breathing out through your nose.  This action will fill your nose and mouth with a satisfying aroma that will last for a minute or two. There will then be an extremely faint sweetness that you will later enjoy in the back of your throat.

One packet of tea is good for a 100-120 ml teapot.  Use half packet if you are using a smaller teapot.

This tea is hand wrapped in paper packets.  You will get with every order 8 factory packed paper packets, further packed in a red plastic wrapper.  Approximately a total of 70g of tea per order.