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Lin Ceramics Purion Teacups – Single and Triple-Fired Pair


This pair of teacups are from Lin Ceramics Studio.  Made from purion clay,  these tea ware produced by Lin Ceramics had intrigued many tea drinkers throughout the world.  Chinese tea brewed or drank with purion tea ware seems to be more amplified in terms of aroma and taste. The difference is subtle but serious or hardcore Chinese tea drinkers can discern this difference.

Purion is a mixture of natural mineral ore and pottery clay.  Lin’s brochures stated that the mixture “combined both Porphyries Andesite, infrared ray and bamboo charcoal”.  Andesite is mainly volcanic rock.  The brochures further elaborated that “we partnered with a Taiwanese ceramic artist Gu Chuan Zi, to develop the purion collection.  Purion is a mixture of natural mineral ore and pottery clay.  This formula is able to improve water quality, elevating the taste and texture of tea, liquor and coffee”.

Every order comprise of 1 pair of teacups.  One teacup (left of pix) is the traditional and popular purion model of LIn Ceramics.  The other teacup (right of pix) is a newly created triple fired teacup.  This meant that the teacup was literally fired up in a kiln 3 times.  As a result, I was told by Lin Ceramics staff in Taiwan, the purion teacup is much denser.  Tea drank from this cup will seem more smooth. The underside of the triple fired teacup has 3 fire symbols in Chinese for easy identification.

These purion teacups works best with pu erh tea and high roasted oolongs.

Every unit order comprises of 1 pair of teacups (1 single fired and 1 triple fired).   70ml capacity per teacup.  Both teacups are produced in 2017 and are new and unused.    Teapot in picture not included.


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