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Old 90s Liu An Tea


This is a special small leaf grade of Liu An tea made in the Anhui province of China.  Liu An or Luk On (Cantonese) is a tea that is often used when you brew Chinese herbs as a medication.  Many Chinese herbs sold in traditional Chinese medicinal halls will include this Liu An tea in its brewing concoction.  This tea serves as the base where the medicinal herbs are boiled together for a few hours before it is drink.

Many of my older tea brewing friends drink Liu An tea when they are down with a flu claiming that a couple of tea sessions of this tea will resolve the flu symptoms.

This old 90s Liu An tea will brew up 8-10 very aromatic herbal infusions.  It has some taste characteristics of an old liu bao and old ripe pu erh.  Very addictive and you will finish your tea session quickly.  I also recommend you that for the last infusion, that you pour out the tea leaves in to a small metal pot and add about 2 teapots of water and boil the tea for about 5-10 min.  Your last infusion will be a strong herbal aromatic experience that will ‘perfume’ your tea room or kitchen.

50g pack per unit order.

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