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May 20, 2020
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June 28, 2020
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Oolong The Oriental Collection


This oolong collection set comprises of 10 packets of oolong.  You will get with every order, 5 personal favourites of oolong.  You will get a total of 10 packets of oolong comprising 2 packets each of these 5 oolongs. They are the Sea Dyke Lao Chong Shui Hsien (10g) and Tie Lo Han(5g), Hong Kong Cheung Hing teashop Tie Lo Han (7g) and Da Hong Pao(7g) and a Singapore Koh Kian Huat tea shop Rougui (12g).

This collection of oolong will give you an insight to the popular oolong drank by tea drinkers in South East Asia.  Sea Dyke shui hsien and tie lo han are very popular teas enjoyed by the tea drinking community since the 70s.  Hong Kong Cheung Hing tea shop’s oolong has a big loyal  following worldwide as well. Their tie lo han has a unique dry sweet prune aftertaste while their da hong pao has a very strong aromatic flavour that will stay in your mouth for quite a while after the tea session.  The Singapore Koh Kian Huat rougui is old, smooth and mellow. This collection of tea is from my personal collection and most of this tea are already 3-8 years old in my collection.

With the exception of the Sea Dyke Shui hsien which is machine packed, the rest of the tea are hand wrapped.

Every unit order is 10 packets of tea, 2 packets each of 5 oolongs as described above.

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