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Pek Sin Choon “Unknown Fragrance” Oolong


This oolong is from Singapore’s Pek Sin Choon tea shop.  This tea shop was established in 1925 and today still pack their oolong by hand-wrapping the tea in small paper packets .

This is their flagship and famous tea called “Unknown Fragrance”.  The shop described the tea as follows:
“Renowned Unknown Fragrance is a locally blended traditional tea. When the founder, Bai Jin Ou, was naming the tea, he found that he just can’t describe the fragrance in words and thus the renowned unknown fragrance became the rightful name for the tea. Because of its uniqueness in taste, this tea has been unsurpassed in the Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) segment. The tea soup is dark red in colour which is luscious at first sip and produce great aftertaste. Due to its unique mix of tea species, the tea is good for slimming, reducing blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, anti-aging.”

This tea is actually a blend of Wuyi and Anxi oolong.  You see that the tea has both straight Wuyi and rolled Anxi tea leaves.  The taste and aroma of the tea is unique and refreshing.  This ‘Unknown Fragrance’ (also known in the hokkien dialect as ‘Put Tee Hiong Tea’) is very aromatic.  I enjoy the bouquet of floral notes and the lightly sweet finish.

Each order get you 5 packets of tea.  You will get in total about 75g of tea.   Each packet comprises 15/16 g of tea so you can have 2-3 sessions of tea from a single packet, if you are using a smaller teapots.