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May 6, 2016
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Sea Dyke Da Hong Pao


Sea Dyke recently produced a premium range of oolong and this Da Hong Pao is one of the premium products.   The tea leaves are harvested from the famed Wuyi mountains in China where tea drinkers believed oolong from this mountain are the ‘original’ oolong and such tea are highly sought after.  This Da Hong Pao are packed in 10g foil packs and placed inside a tin (400g) to prevent the tea leaves from breakage.

This tea is very aromatic and strong in taste.  Recommend that you brew a pack of the tea in a medium sized teapot (about 130ml) to appreciate the taste and aromatics of this Da Hong Pao.  This tea is produced in 2014.

1 unit order comprises of 100g (10 packets of 10g tea per pack).  Per unit order is $19.

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