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Sea Dyke Lao Chung Shui Hsien


This Lao Chung Shui Hsien is the most famous tea of Sea Dyke tea products.  This tea was a best seller in South East Asia among the Chinese immigrants that had migrated to South East Asia (post world war 2).  This tea were sold in yellow cylindrical tins and remained popular to this very day.

Today, oolong tea drinkers from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore continue to be strong supporters of this Lao Chung Shui Hsien and older versions of this tea are expensive and sought after by Chinese tea collectors.

This Lao Chung Shui Hsien is produced in 2014 and comes foiled packed in 10g packs.  This tea was further packed in a bigger tin, 40 packets per tin.  Information on the tin also indicated that this oolong is harvested from the famed Wuyi mountains in Fujian, China.   This tea is very aromatic and fragrant and when you take your first sip of this tea, you can understand and appreciate why this tea is so well loved.

Brew this tea strong (use boiling water as well).  My oolong tea drinking group in Ipoh, Malaysia suggest you take a sip of this tea, hold the tea in your mouth, breath in through your mouth and exhale through your nose.  The fragrance of the tea will ‘encapsulate’ your respiratory system for a few seconds….and it will be a few seconds of oolong bliss…a quick few seconds of get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You will get with every tea order, 50g of Sea Dyke Lao Chung Shui Hsien (5 packets of tea, 10g per pack.  Factory packed by Sea Dyke).  This tea in my collection is a 2014 production and has 7 years of storage under its belt.

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