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September 1, 2018
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October 3, 2018
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Tie Lo Han – Koh Kian Huat Tea


This Tie Lo Han oolong is locally produced by Koh Kian Huat Tea Merchant.  This company was established in 1918 and this tea is one of their signature teas.  This tea is individually hand wrapped in 12g paper packets.  Such paper packing are a rare sight and brewing the tea from these traditional packaging does bring some nostalgia to a tea brewing session.

This tea has been in my collection for about 5 years and this tea is very smooth and mellow.  The roasting level falls between medium and high roast.  This tea is aromatic and fragrant and has a unique ‘confectionary’ sweet aftertaste. The wrapper design shows a mythological monk, Ji Gong, who is known to fight injustice and protects the poor.

This tea comes hand wrapped in 12g packs.  Use half a pack if you are using smaller teapots.  Good for 7-8 infusions,

One unit order comprise of 6 packets of tea, 12g of tea in each packet.