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Tie Lo Han


Old traditional Hong Kong tea shops classify old Shui Hsien oolong as Tie Lo Han.  Cheung Hing Teashop in Hong Kong sells their Tie Lo Han  hand wrapped  in mini paper packets of approximately 7g each.

This tea is more than 10 years old.  Tea drinkers, when brewing this tea, will enjoy the very mellow and aromatic character in every cup.  This tea is very popular in South East Asia and there is a number of followers of this tea outside Hong Kong.  This tea packs a nice ‘Chinese medicinal herb’ aroma with a hint of a sweet aftertaste.  One of my favorites.

You will get, with every order (approx 70g); 10 packets of tea (there are rare occasions I found 8 larger packets instead of 10 smaller ones), sealed into a larger bag by Cheung Hing Teashop themselves.

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