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June 11, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Vintage Teapot Tray


This is a tray specially made to stand a teapot.  The tray has holes on the surface where any tea or water will be collected in the chamber inside the tray.  The main purpose is to keep the teapot dry especially the base of the teapot.  This would greatly reduce tea stains being accumulated on the base of the teapot which may be unsightly over time.  Cleaning this tray is easy as there is a hole where you can easily pour out and dispose the waste water.

Dimensions of this tray is 6.5 inch (16cm) across with an 1.5 in (3cm) height.  This tea tray appears to have been made in the 90s.  I had kept it in a tea cupboard for display only.

This purchase is only for the tea tray,  Teapot in the picture is not included.  Only 1 tea tray available.

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